Detoxing in Juicy Oasis


Last year I went to Jason Vale's retreat Juicy Oasis in Portugal for a week and loved it so much I was eager to return.

The idea of spending the week drinking just juice is fairly radical to many (myself included) but nowadays lots of people are juicing. I had never completed more than a day or so until I went last year. Within the confines of the resort and sharing the experience with lots of people certainly makes it easier.

"What amazed me from last year was the energy I had upon leaving. I was eager to get back to my life and make changes I had been putting off for years"

Despite good intentions I don't eat as well as I like and some old habits crept in so my boyfriend and I booked into Juicy Oasis.

Jason Vale is a bit of a legend in the juicing world and has been writing books on it for well over a decade, long before it was mainstream. I suppose the resort is a dream of his come to life. It's so, so beautiful, fresh modern and quirky.

The interiors are cool and there's nothing crusty about the place at all. With juicing you might assume things are all hemp and kitsch but here is gorgeous and plush. Jason was actually there for our week (he's not always) and was a competitive ball of energy and also extremely chatty and open.

If I was to describe a typical day it would begin with wheatgrass or ginger shots, and an early morning walk for about an hour, upon your return your first of 4 juices is ready and waiting for you. You have juices at 10.30, 1.30, 4.30, and 7.30. Every day there are loads of activities, team sports (Netball, Volleyball), yoga, rebounding (jumping on a mini-trampoline), and downtime every day between 1.30 and 4.30 for sunbathing and relaxing.

Or Lazing about in the chill out area of the spa!

In the evenings after the last juice they show brilliant food documentaries in a cinema room. You can also get spa treatments, massages, and colonics in the spa throughout the day. You are kept busy if you like but everything is optional.

My boyfriend is far more athletic than I am and loved all the sports. I did Yoga most days. The teacher Suzanne is really wonderful. I also walked, jumped in the lake and one day feeling particularly energetic ran 5 K in the gym!

I suppose the biggest thing you would wonder is do you feel hungry, I mean really hungry?

I'd have to say I didn't. I think drinking juice every 3 hours keeps you topped up and because there's absolutely no pressure to do anything other than chill out by the pool or maybe a spot of yoga I couldn't say it's awful. There is wifi there. I kept up with my emails but otherwise really relaxed and enjoyed it. We both found we slept so, so well at night.

What I noticed by the Wednesday (day 4) was how clear my skin was.

I love make up and glam but Juicy Oasis is a total chill zone so not wearing make up really let me see my skin. By day 4 the little random patches of redness that annoy me had actually gone and it felt much more even.

Throughout the week we had juicing talks, demonstrations and lots of time to really think things through. I'm back home now. I also just celebrated my birthday and it's lovely to feel like it's a fresh start on a new year with a clean mind and body. I also read two books which is more that I had done all year.

I will definitely be back again hopefully sooner than later!

You can check out my video below to give you more of an idea.